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Music Connection Magazine

"With a classic and traditional country voice in the Patsy Cline mold, plus an arsenal of poignant and funny folk-y, bluegrass-y, country tunes to pull from, Kate Brown has a hell of a lot going for her..."

JP's Music Blog

"...her vocal tone and delivery reminds us of Melissa Etheridge"

NeuFutur Magazine

"...ties together artists like Melissa Etheridge and Linda Perry."

Indie Band Guru

"...holds some of that Alanis Morissette charm that is truly enticing and really ignites a sense of girl power within you."

Middle Tennessee Music

"Kate Brown’s ability to navigate us through such a compelling story in less than 4 minutes is a testament to her ability to craft a song with the skills of a master..."

Music Connection Magazine

"...Kate Brown utilizes the traditional storytelling style of folk music but elevates it to a new level with modern and current issues, and her inimitable personality."

Neu Futur

"...Kate Brown is able to create a deep, detailed, and nuanced sound..."

Independent Clauses

"...Brown has turned in a pretty powerhouse performance vocally."

Rock NYC Live

"...Kate is certainly a great entertainer with a great voice, a funny outlook on everything and just enough craziness to light up your evening..."

EILE Magazine

"...With her penchant for telling it like it is, and the courage to be part of a new type of family, Kate Brown is an artist to be reckoned with."

Coming Up Magazine

".... It showcases her powerful pipes as they have this sense of depth and maturity to them that makes it seem like she’s been at this for decades longer than her actual peers...."

Country Music Life

Music Unlabeled

"...Perhaps you’ll find Kate Brown as enchanting as I do..."


The Peverett Phile

Kate's appearance on The Pop Roxx Radio Show

(Want to listen to me chat it up with fantastic radio host Jamie Roxx?  Takes a sec to load... be patient:-) 

Eugene Weekly

"...this Iowa transplant manages to capture the indignation of Ani DiFranco and the quirkiness of Regina Spector, while still adding her own raw and earthy spin, on the new EP 'New Skin'."

"Kate Brown is what music should be..."

"Kate's bold alto passionately slices through pretension with her witty lyrics & original melodies...bursting with originality and energy, a delightful discovery. Brown is an amazing songwriter. Bravo!"

Sean McGowan KLCC Radio

“'Kate Brown is a force of nature, an unstoppable entertainer with boundless energy. Kate sings with fearless, graceful power. Her songwriting comes straight from the heart and her rock star performance of those songs is invigorating and empowering...'”

Caesar Livi n Loud

Building Our Own Nashville